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Business Relocation Services

Relocating and moving important files, records & media is one area of the operations which deserve utmost care, experienced professionalism, and attention to detail.

At Oakes Specialty Contractors we fully understand the risks involved during such times and have solutions in place to provide you with an end-to-end, timely, and secure result.

Providing relocations throughout all of North America, we specialize in the moving and destination setup of sensitive & confidential files such as medical records, x-rays, banking, insurance, magnetic media, or any other types of files. We always provide extreme care and attention to all confidential records in addition to extensive methods of security.

With complete familiarity with terminal digit, numeric, and alpha systems we are sensitive to the fact that some clients may require accessibility to the records during the move. Additionally, we incorporate file moves with the moving of any other type shelving, not necessarily mobile systems.

If your files and media are destined to be relocated, contact us and put your fears to rest.